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 Hand protection is an important part in several jobs such as welding, chemicals, metal casting and so forth. Serves as a self-protection device that protects the hand, from the tribe to all fingers or from the wrist to the fingertips. These safety gloves are manufactured from special materials that are not easily torn. There are also those that are manufactured from PTFE materials so that they are anti-heat. Safety gloves do not react to chemicals, so it is safe to use for pouring chemical liquids or in various chemical experiments in the laboratory.

The price of these safety gloves varies depending on the type such as welding gloves and rubber gloves. This product must be used to reduce the risk of work accidents that can injure the hand. In addition, using gloves can provide a sense of security and comfort because the inside of the glove is generally designed with a soft and smooth layer so that it is comfortable to use.
We also provide various other safety equipment products according to your needs.
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