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Boots are one of the most popular types of footwear among men, especially in a country with two seasons. Men's boots have a shape like shoes in general, but more closed up to the ankle up, some even reach below the knee.
Boots are usually worn by construction workers, farmers, and others. This shoe serves to protect the feet from water when paddy, mortar for construction workers, or can also protect feet from the threat of dangers such as nails, thorns, wires and others.
Boots consist of 2 types, namely safety (iron), and non safety (usually no iron). Boots also consist of many things, there are safety, Legion, Petrova, Leopard, Gosave and many others. and the non-safety ones are Petrova, Leopard, Pico, Eigros, AP Boot Moto 3, Marker, Ando, ​​Wing on, and many others.
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