Raincoat Axio Europe Original axio

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02 May 2023
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Rain Coat
Description of axio europe raincoat
a. The material is smooth & light
b. Has 2 layers, inside using croton material (cool), the outside is waterproof and windproof thick material
c. Double sewing system (sealed hotpress) does not seep
d. There are outer pockets and inner pockets
e. The spotlight layer (back, chest, arms) shines when driving at night
f. The head cover (practical) can be inserted in the neck with a zipper
g. Has a belly strap
XXXL Size:
* Width from armpit to armpit = 66cm (132cm circle of clothes)
* Maximum stretchy pants = 60cm (front pants circle is 120cm blkg)
* Pants length = 103cm
* Thigh width calculated from groin = 33cm (thigh circumference 66cm)
XXL size:
* Width of shirt from armpit to armpit = 65cm (shirt circle 130cm)
* Maximum stretchy pants = 57cm (front pants circle, blkg 114cm)
* Pants length = 97cm
* Thigh width calculated from groin = 30cm (thigh circumference 60cm)
XL size:
* Width from armpit to armpit = 64cm (circle of clothes 128cm)
* Maximum stretchy pants = 54cm (front pants circle, blkg 108cm)
* Pants length = 95cm
* Thigh width calculated from groin = 27cm (thigh circumference 54cm)
Size L
* Width = 61 cm (123 cm circle of clothes)
* Maximum rubber pants width = 52 cm (105cm pants circle)
* Pants length = 92 cm
* Thigh groin width = 24 cm (thigh circumference 52 cm)
Size M
* Width = 60 cm (120 cm circle of clothes)
* Maximum rubber pants width = 50 cm (pants circle 100cm)
* Pants length = 90 cm
* Thigh groin width = 23 cm (thigh circumference 50 cm)
Black, dark blue, dongker, light blue, maroon, green
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Safety Clothing.
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