Safety Shoes Kings KWD 806X/ 206X HONEYWELL

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02 May 2023
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Description :

Kings HONEYWELL 206x Shoes, Boots designed to provide maximum protection for the feet. With a steel toecap that will protect your feet from any impact and crush of heavy objects. The Kings HONEYWELL 206x shoe uses quality leather that is tango printed for oil and acid resistance. Suitable for industrial workers, kitchen workers, laboratory workers and so on. The Kings HONEYWELL 206x shoe provides protection against falling objects or compression. Developed to withstand 200 joules of impact there is also a wear indicator providing early warning of sole wear and potential loss of grip for measuring replacement.
Feature :
- Stab-resistant, puncture-resistant steel midsole reduces the risk of sharp objects penetrating the sole and entering the foot
- Anti-static sole helps protect you from danger when in contact with live electric circuits
- Self-Cleaning Sole - Improved technical outsole optimizes fluid evacuation and provides greater bending flexibility
- Highly breathable 3-D lining reduces abrasion on contact with skin, leaving your feet insulated while pulling excess moisture away from the feet
- Improved footbed for greater comfort and heel support, with highly breathable perforated channels that dries faster and improves foot freshness
- Ergonomic cushioning design to provide ultimate comfort that greatly reduces foot, leg and back fatigue when walking on hard surfaces.
- Mineral Oil & Acid Resistant
- Resistant to Organic Oil & Fat
Convenience Features:
 Slip Resistant - Cleated design sole provides the best anti-slip feature which improves grip for greater stability. SRC tested on ceramic tiles with a dilute soap solution (SRA) and smooth steel floors with glycerol (SRB)Heat Resistance Up to 120˚C
King's signature wide-profile safety toe cap offers maximum comfort to your toes

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