Cheetah Safety Shoes Type 2180H

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02 May 2023
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Safety Shoes
Description :
Cheetah 2180H Safety Shoes, low-cut safety shoes designed to provide maximum protection to the feet with a steel toecap that will protect the feet from immediate impact and crushing heavy objects. Using a nitrile outsole that is directly vulcanized so that it can withstand heat, abrasion and chemicals, this shoe is suitable for use in extreme working conditions. The Cheetah 2180H Safety Shoes are made of quality leather and use sports grade fabrics that are carefully selected to ensure air circulation and foot comfort. On the inside there are cleats that will minimize electrostatic charges to reduce the risk of heavy wear. With a lightweight and comfortable design, the Cheetah 2180H Safety Shoes are suitable for Mining, Oil Refineries, Manufacturing, Chemical, Agriculture, Hospitals, and Aviation.
Feature :
- Antistatic outsole,
- Made of high quality leather,
- The sole lining material is very comfortable on the feet,
- Has a Steel Toe Cap for safety at work,
- PU outsole which can absorb shock even though it is light and flexible,
- Can withstand impacts of up to 200 joules (equivalent to a weight of 20KG from a height of 1M),
- Has SNI and EN standards.
Shoe Protection Standards:
1) Toe Cap: is a toe protector to protect your toes from a load of 200 Joules or the equivalent of an object weighing 20 kg dropped from a height of 1 meter.
2) Anti-Slip: Equipped with an outsole (outer sole bottom) with TPU material and is anti-slip which has met the highest level SRC standard for anti-slip standards.
3) Using a flexible and anti-bacterial insole.
4) Using an outsole made of TPU/PU (Thermoplastic PolyUrethane/PolyUrethane) material which has excellent durability so that it can last a long time.
5) Outsole TPU is also heat resistant up to a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius.
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